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We recognize that every client situation is unique. It is therefore critical for us to have a full understanding of your specific financial situation and goals before we make any recommendations.

How We Work

Fit, data gathering, goal setting
During our initial consultation we determine whether our services meet your needs. Our goal is to enable you to see your financial and business affairs from perspectives you may not have seen before.

  • We gather full and detailed information regarding your current financial situation along with the contact information of any existing advisors
  • We discuss any immediate needs and planning deficiencies that may exist based on your overall goals

Review, analysis, design 
We assemble and lead teams of dedicated subject matter experts who support the development, implementation and ongoing management of your financial plan. Team members may include estate attorneys, accountants, insurance specialists, bankers, investment specialists and others.

  • Our internal design team reviews and analyzes your current financial situation, including any existing planning and products you have in place
  • We develop a preliminary set of recommendations we believe to be most suitable for your situation

Recommendation and delivery
We develop integrated, comprehensive financial plans with short-, medium- and long-term horizons. Plans are developed to support the achievement of each client’s goals – realistic, but aspirational statements of intention that together we articulate, refine and continuously challenge.

  • We educate our clients about their choices involved in achieving their financial goals and the trade-offs that may be required
  • The recommendations are presented to you, and where applicable, your existing advisors

Should you decide to proceed we then begin the implementation process*.

We will work with you to implement your financial plan as seamlessly as possible. We will address income tax minimization strategies, asset protection and accumulation needs, special needs planning, wealth transfer and estate planning considerations, closely held business planning needs, etc. The implementation process may require any combination of the following actions:

  • You may need to sign and complete the various authorization forms needed to allow us to gather more information
  • We may need to collect additional financial and tax forms to assist in opening accounts, where necessary
  • If required, exams are scheduled and completed for any potential insurance recommendations
  • We obtain your approval to reach out to any of your existing advisors regarding strategies that may affect the planning you already have in place

Ongoing monitoring and support
After delivery, we will proactively monitor your plan and stay in regular contact with you to ensure that you are never out of touch.

  • We oversee the disposition of and update** all aspects of your plan as you and your loved ones’ personal and professional circumstances change 
  • We will meet on a regular basis in order to stay on top of all the moving pieces in your financial life 
  • We utilize a web-enabled platform to aggregate all of your financial accounts and to store important financial documents 

*You are free to implement the plan recommendations with whomever you choose.
**Plan updates may incur additional fees.