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Individuals & Families

CCA offers fee based comprehensive planning, risk and asset management services to high and ultra-high net worth individuals and their families. We also work with young professionals who are positioned to have impactful liquidity events and/or continually high income flows due to their stock, carried interests, and professional positions. Many of our clients are business owners, corporate executives and individuals actively engaged in private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, real estate, real estate private equity and capital markets. We are experienced in addressing their unique needs.

Fee-Based Comprehensive Planning

Our fee-based planning service takes a 360-degree view of your personal financial situation that includes assessment, analysis and recommendations in the following areas:



    Ongoing Monitoring and Support

    After delivery of your plan, we will proactively monitor your plan and stay in regular contact with you to ensure that you are never out of touch. At a minimum, we will meet for an annual review and have additional conversations throughout the year to allow us to adjust your plan accordingly with any changes in your life**.

    To help you monitor the performance of your plan, we use e-Money Advisor, a secure, state-of-the-art, online platform that allows for both our team and you to have an aggregated view of your personal finances in real-time.

    To learn more about eMoney, please watch this introductory video:

    Risk Management

    We start by analyzing and assessing your existing insurance policies and identifying any gaps.

    We then recommend and implement strategies based on your needs. Our recommendations take into account the most current offerings in the marketplace, and will always include products and solutions from highly-rated providers.


    Wealth Management

    Our wealth management services include a thorough review of your existing portfolios.

    We take a coordinated team approach to managing your portfolio - by working closely with internal subject matter experts and external strategic partners specializing in private client wealth management.




    Our process:

    • Review of existing investment portfolios done both internally and through trusted business partners
    • Review of ownership of assets and titling of accounts
    • Asset allocation and management done both internally and through trusted strategic business partners/private client wealth management firms with a coordinated team approach










    *Offered through a third party.

    ** Plan updates may incur additional fees